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Zoom-in SharePoint Newsfeed images

I was asked at online-SharePoint forum if I we could Enlarge/Zoom-in images posted at Newsfeed. Unfortunately, this is not possible out of the box in SharePoint 2013 because default size of images posted on Newsfeed time-line is 300x300px.

I developed a custom feature that injects JavaScript and CSS on the fly, and with the help of jQuery, you can Zoom-in and Zoom-out the Newsfeed image :)

Remember I set the starter height and width of image to be 150x150px (zoom-out size). When you click the image it will animate from 150px to 300px, kinda of animating zoom-in affect

See the picture below:

The normal Newsfeed image with 150px:


The Newsfeed image with Zoom effects 300px


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